A gasification technology solving the tar issue

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What is NOTAR®?

NOTAR®, Clear, Clean and Green

Developed by Xylowatt and acquired by Xylergy in 2021, it is a patented technology that breaks new ground in the industry. This unique process produces a clean renewable gas from the gasification of natural and recycled wood biomass.


Accurate control of temperature field and residence time.

  • Production of Tar free char
  • Gaseous tar mainly composed of primary tar

Combustion in gaseous phase

  • Avoids clinker formation
  • Adapted to highly mineral waste

Optimum control of combustion parameters

  • Destroys tar at high temperature
  • Tar free combustion gases

Reduction is fed with tar-free products (gas and char)

  • Production of tar free syngas

Maximum gas temperature of 700°C

  • No bed clinkering or sintering
  • Metal and pollutant condensate in biochar

No tar
No heavy metal
No polluant

What are the advantages?

Biomass provides energy without disruption

While solar and wind energy are available intermittently, biomass can be stored. Biomass is a source of renewable energy available 24/7. The NOTAR® gasification technology offers an alternative for continuous renewable energy production from local and accessible biomass, including recycled wood, which is fully in line with the circular and environmental economy.

A gasification technology

The NOTAR® biomass gasification technology ensures that the syngas produced is tar-free and reduces operational costs. Clean syngas has been proven over different production sites.

Highly efficient

For the same electricity production, 30% less biomass is used compared to a standard process based on incineration combined with a steam cycle.

Local and circular

The size of the technology (around 6000 tons of biomass per year) allows us to realize projects with local biomass resources.

Zero waste

By reusing the available biomass, waste is avoided, the costs of disposal are significantly reduced and space is saved.

Flexibility of use

Different types of biomass can be used, such as natural wood, some types of recycled wood or bamboo. We are continuously testing new types of biomass to expand the offer.

Research & Development

We are committed to a sustainable future

At Xylergy, we know that the sustainability of our solutions depends on our ability to adapt and evolve continuously. Thanks to our strong relationships with major players in the gasification sector such as the University of Louvain-La-Neuve (UCL), CRMGroup or CIRAD, we are able to provide expert services and support the development of the technology and its commercial applications.

Xylergy Technology
Xylergy Technology
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