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Contribute to a sustainable future by offering pyrogasification solutions for the production of your carbon-free energy.

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tons of co² prevented by the use of a NOTAR® over one year

About Us

What can we do for you?

Xylergy’s NOTAR® solution is aimed at companies and communities wishing to ensure their energy transition. It produces a synthesis gas for the production of electrical and/or thermal energy. NOTAR® transforms biomass into clean, carbon-neutral and tar-free synthesis gas. This gas is the carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels. High-performance configurations adapted to your consumption, extension capacities. NOTAR® technology helps reduce the company’s carbon footprint, it traps CO2 in the biochar residue from the biomass/syngas transformation.

From there, anything is possible.

Renewable syngas

injected into CHP unit or industrial processes in replacement of fossil fuel.


Green electricity that covers local needs or that can be sold on the electrical grid.


Heat available for a wide range of heating applications and keeping the unused heat for cooling systems

We're investing in the future

Think sustainable and local for next generations!

We are convinced that the future of energy production is local. Our partnership with the University of Louvain (UCL) for 20 years and the integration of Xylowatt's technologies allows us to excel in biomass uses and particularly biomass gasification.
We are working on solutions that allow our customers to reduce their carbon footprint thanks to our technology, the NOTAR® reactor for wood biomass gasification.
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Xylergy makes the difference

  • Clean syngas
    proven over different production sites

  • More than 20 years
    experience in wood gasification

  • Customized solutions
    built in partnership with you

  • A renewable energy,
    local and available 24/7, unlike wind or solar energy

  • An active participation
    in the circular economy

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Our services

Experts in supporting ambitious industrial projects

We offer a range of solutions to help you unlock the full potential of your biomass.

Our services
  • Various biomass fuels testing in NOTAR® reactor
  • Project development and feasibility studies
  • Engineering Procurement and Construction contract
  • Operation and Maintenance

One project, one ecosystem

Discover our tailor-made projects

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Mont-Godinne Hospital

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Champagne region

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Université Catholique de Louvain la Neuve

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